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The Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK) is a rapidly growing network of professionals in Monitoring & Evaluation. The overall objective of the Society is to provide professional M&E input into Kenya’s development agenda, through a multi-stakeholder approach.This includes promoting sustainable and quality  M& E culture and practice. Members are drawn from CSOs, UN, Government, Universities and the  Private Sector among others.

Todate, ESK has been collarborating with Kenya’s National Intergrated Monitoring and Evaluation System (NIMES).It includes co-organizing the National M&E Week with funding support from UNICEF Kenya. It is involved in activities promoted by AFREA,AfCop and the UNICEF/IOCE-led EvalPartners global initiative.

Key among these are funding support to strengthen her secretariat as well as for peer learning and experience sharing with the Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEVA) and the South African Monitoring & Evaluation Association (SAMEA).Her evolutionary case study, is also among those selected globally and published in a book by UNICEF/IOCE for peer learning and experience sharing.

Profile Details

ESK, is a Not-for-Profit voluntary Association (in line with Section 36 of the Kenyan Constitution) and is currently made up of professionals (and individuals) who are either involved in Monitoring & Evaluation (as a practice) or who have interest in Monitoring & Evaluation.

Our Vision is “A responsive development community that supports the utilization of sound evaluation systems”. Our Mission is “A professional society that supports the application of high evaluation standards through: the enforcement of a code of ethics, enhancement of M&E capacity, utilization of research and dissemination of evaluation lessons”.

The activities and governance of ESK are currently, being guided by a constitution and strategic plan that were recently ratified by members after wide consultations in their development process. This is happening at a strategic moment in Kenya, with a changing landscape in the country of a new constitutional dispensation where the combination of an informed, active citizenry and vibrant media is keeping the government awake in meeting very high expectations including the observance and practice of transparency, accountability and effectiveness in service delivery.

A vibrant ESK is also in tandem with emerging global trends where there is a growing recognition that national capacity development for monitoring and evaluation systems (including professional bodies) , is an essential part of the broader support to policy reform and to promoting national ownership of evidence-based policy making.

Name of Association / NetworkEvaluation Society of Kenya (ESK)
Country of ResidenceKenya
Country/ies in which the Association operatesKenya
Status of the NetworkFormally constituted
Number of Members as of today105

Contact Person 1

First Name
Last NameNyangaga
Position in Association
Email Addressjulesnyangaga@yahoo.co.uk
Telephone Details (Include country codes)+254722179541
Registered Postal Address – CountryKenya

Contact Person 2

First NameJennifer
Last NameMutua
Position in associationSecretary
Email Addressjennicrafke@yahoo.com
Telephone Details (Include country codes)+254723428301
Registered Postal Address CountryKenya