The Made in Africa plenary during the 8th AfrEA Conference, with participation from the Global South, including from left to right:

  • Zenda Ofir, Chair
  • Lennise Baptiste, Caribbean Evaluators International
  • Ravi Ram, Pacific Islands Evaluation Association
  • Ana Louisa Guzman, Latin American and Caribbean Network of Evaluation
  • Arunaselam Rasappan, Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association
  • Foday Turay, African Evaluation Association
  • Sonal Zaveri, Community of Evaluators South Asia

Made in Africa Evaluation

The concept seeks to identify and develop a uniquely African approach to evaluation. It emphasises that context, culture, history and beliefs shape the nature of evaluations, specifically in the diverse, often complex African reality.
AfrEA’s objective is to promote and adapt to an African evaluation framework – an approach initiated from inside the continent, and overwhelming supported from outside Africa.
The Made in Africa concept will continuously enjoy prominence. During the 8th AfrEA Conference a special Made in Africa strand attracted global participation from the Global South. We are working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to promote the initiative and institutionalise processes in AfrEA.

Realizing The Vision

Click on the link to download Paper by Chilisa Begele:  MAE2 Final 31st august