Africa Gender and Development Evaluators Network

Address: P.O.Box14285-00800

Brief History

AGDEN was established in 2002 as a bilingual special interest group of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) by UNIFEM (now UN Women) and the African Evaluators Association, with the aim of providing expert evaluators who could bring strong gender and human rights approach to evaluations in Africa. 

Which is still its mandate.  On 27th August 2008, it was registered in Kenya as a company limited by guarantee, and since then has had a secretariat in Nairobi, Kenya.  AGDEN has evolved from a core group of 14 members in 2002 to a network of 167 members from at least 18 countries in Africa, the United Kingdom, United States and Canada. 

Membership is open to practitioners and leaders in gender and/or human rights and monitoring and development evaluation in Africa.

AGDEN was registered in Kenya in 2008 as a not for profit organisation with no share capital.  The AGDEN Secretariat is currently hosted by the Department of Sociology University of Nairobi.

An 8 member Board of Management (BoM) sets policy and directions while activities are undertaken by members and consultants. The Board of Management (BoM) is headed by a Chair person.  Other members represent North, South, West, and East Africa.  The Network has a francophone and an Anglophone secretary.  AGDEN has had 4 chairpersons to date;

  1. Adeline Sibanda- 2002-2006
  2. Florence Etta- 2006-2012
  3. Enid Kaabunga-  2012-2014
  4. Madri Jansen Van Rensuburg – 2015- To Date


The African Gender Development Evaluators’ Network (AGDEN), work to strengthen the gender responsiveness of programmes and projects to human rights. AGDEN’s web; URL

The Vision of AGDEN is accountability, social justice and equity in African Development.

The Mission of AGDEN is to foster (project, programmed and policy) accountability, facilitate just and equitable development in Africa through entrenching the values of effective gender and rights based participatory monitoring and evaluation.

The objectives of AGDEN are:

  • To promote, undertake and/or facilitate research, training and advocacy in gender and rights based participatory monitoring and evaluation.
  • To create best practice models; tools and techniques for gender and rights based oriented participatory monitoring and evaluation.
  • To ensure that a gendered approach is entrenched in the evaluation of development and in development and in development evaluation
  • To develop the capacity of network members, M&E practitioners, and managers of development projects and programs for deep understanding of gender and human rights issues, concepts, tools and techniques so that they routinely conduct gender and rights based analyses of their development work and the outcomes of this work.
  • To influence policies and development practice at national, regional and continental levels towards greater accountability and equality through M&E
  • To facilitate co-operation, collaboration, networking and learning among members and like- minded individuals and organizations.


  • Development of toolkit-Human Rights and Gender Responsive Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Training of gender rights responsive evaluation Practitioners.
  • Panel and presentation of evaluation on conferences and forums
  • Online discussion groups-research online
  •  a community of practice on Gender and Human rights responsive evaluation
  • Web based dissemination of information
  • Collaborating with other networks eg Evalgender
  • Supporting government eval capacity effort in Kenya


  • UN Women 2002- To date
  • Ford Foundation 2008-To date
  • Evalpartners 2016-2017
  • IOD PARC 2007
  • CLEAR  AA 2016

Prizes & Awards

AfrEA VOPE Prize 2012

Contact person

Grace Okonji, 0722746870,


Madri Jansen Van Rensburg Chair +27866635758 +27116730489
Bintou Nimaga Vice Chair +223 79122416
Cecilia Manyame Treasurer    
Grace Okonji Anglophone Secretary +254 722 746870
Ndiaye Dieynaba Francophone Secretary  
Immakulata Komba East Africa Representative +255 7878875562
Abigail Abandoh Sam West Africa Representative +233 202010408
Cecile Ebobisse Central Africa representative +276 699855567