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ZEA exists to bring together evaluators and stakeholders to share knowledge, skills and best practices so as to promote quality evaluations

    A Zimbabwe that has evidence based policies and decisions
  • GOAL
    To be a vibrant and recognized association by 2017
    Professionalism: Skill, expertise and proficiency in all we do
  • Integrity: Acting honestly and reliably in all we do
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to what we do and we deliver on our promises
  • Excellence: Consistently meet and exceed standards


The Zimbabwe Evaluation Association (ZEA) was established in 2004, however due to the prolonged economic and social challenges that the country faced, the majority of members migrated to neighboring countries and the association withered.  Zimbabwe is recovering from a decade of economic and social challenges and there is great need for quality evaluations to support evidence based policies and decision making.  Local opportunities for capacity development in evaluation practice, information sharing and networking remain limited.

The Zimbabwe Evaluation Association was re-launched on the 3rd of October 2013. During the launch meeting, a committee of 15 was tasked to spearhead the setting up of ZEA. The committee, with secretariat support from UNICEF, successfully developed a constitution, registered ZEA as a Trust, opened a bank account, developed a three year strategy for the association, opened registration for membership and presided over the election of a new board in December 2014.


ZEA has a current membership of 78 registered individuals which continues to grow.


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