Somalia Development Evaluation Association

Somali Development Evaluation (SOMDEA) is a Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluation (VOPE) aimed to promote monitoring and evaluation of learning, theory, practice, culture, and utilization in Somalia.

Currently, the organization has over 200 members consisting of professional evaluators, government civil servants and leaders, students, private sector leaders, and employees. SOMDEA has satellite bases in Jubbaland (Kismaayo), South and central Somalia (Mogadishu), Somaliland (Hargeisa), and Puntland (Bosaso). Our membership comes from all these regions mentioned here.

 The vision of the organization

Our Vision is to be the only source of complete and credible information for and about the field of monitoring and evaluation in Somalia.

Objectives of the organization

The main objective of SOMDEA is to realize an enabling environment for evaluation in the whole of Somalia where evaluation is used as an evidence tool for learning, empowerment, accountability, and sustainable development.

The mission of the Organization

  • Our core mission is to promote M & E culture, theory, and practice in the greater Somali regions. SOMDEA has the following specific missions:
  • Provide evaluation capacity building and training courses/seminars for employees/managers and leaders of private, government, local NGOs, and international development organizations.
  • Provide knowledge evaluation knowledge sharing and networking platform for Somali evaluation practitioners.
  • Conduct programme evaluations of contractual services for local NGOs, international development organizations, the private sector, government, and donors.
  • Conduct evaluation surveys, research, and data collection services for and on behalf of the government, and local and international development organizations.
  • Provide baseline studies/situational assessments/needs assessments research services for new interventions.
  • Assist local NGOs, government, the private sector, and international development organizations in programme design and conceptualization research services tailored to the local Somali condition/situation.
  • Develop results-based and real-time monitoring systems for development programmes in Somalia.