Réseau National de l’Evaluation au Burundi

Address: Quartier Gasekebuye, Commune Musaga, 1ere Avenue B.P. 681Bujumbura, Burundi
Tel. +257 22 25 63 85
E-mail : rnebburndi@gmail.com


The National Network of Evaluators Burundi (RNEB) is a network of consultants and managers in charge of program management in different institutions from 2010. It originates winners on a core having followed in planning training modules , monitoring and evaluation of projects / programs organized by the Design Office CHANNEL RESEARCH- BELGIUM through its branch based in BURUNDI, CHANNEL RESEARCH TANGANYIKA.

Taking advantage of the framework of professional meeting, this core has agreed to stay in network for the exchange of information and appropriate analysis tools. The RNEB, even the informal stage, decided in September 2012 to form themselves into a formal association and was approved by Ministerial Order Nº530 / 300 dated 25 February 2013.

The official launch of its operations April 4, 2013 in the presence of the Representative of the African Evaluation Association (African Evaluation Association) in East Africa.

VISION: The RNEB vision is “to be the leading professional evaluation in Burundi”.

MISSION: The mission of RNEB is “to promote culture, the practice, use, quality and ethics of Monitoring and Evaluation in Burundi’s development process”


It was during the event celebrating the international year of assessment held in Nepal in which one of the members of RNEB (Focal Person emerging Assessors) participated with the support of Youth Eval (Funding Master Card Foundation) that the idea of ​​creating a cluster emerging Evaluators RNEB was born.

Assessor is emerging a member of RNEB that:
1. At least 5 years of professional experience in the field of evaluation or
2. At least 30 years of birth,
3. Is a new winner of a university that wants to embrace the valuation profession. With the support of RFE (Francophone Network Evaluation) in its branch dedicated to emerging Assessors (RFEE), the Thematic Group “emerging Evaluators” was launched in February 2016 and organizes various activities such as:
–  Sensitization in universities, which will lead to the formation of clubs Emerging Assessors
– Organization of exchange workshops,
– Online Training


Professional assessment of very different sectors that offer multidisciplinary expertise to the development of Burundi, Africa and the World. Exchange of experience between colleagues, Beneficiary systematic information and opportunities in the field of evaluation, opportunity to contribute to the enrichment of national systems for monitoring / evaluation of multisectoral programs,

  • Partnership Opportunity for consultancy work at national and international level.
  • From planning to monitoring and evaluation, the members of RNEB hold extensive expertise assessment tools such as:
  • Cards actors / stakeholder,
  • contextual analysis Map
  • Tree problems / solutions
  • Logical Framework
  • results-based management
  • OECD Evaluation Criteria
     – close cooperation with state institutions and agencies, both in decision-making (the executive, legislative, etc.) and operational level ( sectoral ministries, public and parapublic organizations, etc.).
    – An effective partnership: diverse actors, stakeholders dialogue for development.


Gather around a table various stakeholders in the evaluation of public policies and programs (local players, experts, academics, researchers, government institutional actors).


  1. Developing a strategic partnership with key state institutions (the Presidency of the Republic, the Government, through the various ministries, the National Assembly and the Senate) and other specialized agencies in the field of monitoring and evaluation of policies / development programs and projects;
  2. strengthening partnerships, as an Organization of Civil Society (CSO), with technical and financial partners of Burundi, essential development actors in promoting the culture of evaluation at national level;
  3. engage professional CSOs in monitoring and evaluation (office / study centers, societies …) so that they integrate RNEB.


– To exchange tools between members,
–  organize exchange workshops between emerging and experienced Assessors  and with development partners
– To participate in international conferences on evaluation
– Work with other national evaluation associations in Africa and the world
– Mobilize evaluation professionals at national,
– Organize workshops for reflection on the expertise of the evaluation of projects / programs.


http://mymande.org/evalpartners And VOPES (professional voluntary evaluation Organizations) such as national corporate assessment of Kenya, Niger, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo,


 CONTACT Persons

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