Reseau Ivoirien de Suivi et d’Evaluation(RISE)

Address: Côte d’Ivoire Abidjan Plateau
Phone: (+225) 58 43 43 40

Brief History of vope

Ivory Coast, like other countries, has not been left out of the dynamics of the promotion of the culture of Monitoring and Evaluation, which is to ensure the sustainability of development, which has for a long time been neglected in our country.

Aware of this defect, professionals and practitioners from all ranks in public administration, NGOs, research and training institutions, the private sector, etc under the influence of some development partners have come together to reflect on the problem of M&E.

From this framework came the idea of the creation of a national M&E network. This idea was concrete in 2004 by the creation of a national evaluator’s network, named Réseau Ivoirien de Suivi et d’Evaluation (RISE) which became formal in 2008.

RISE is a non-governmental reflection group. It is an organization of a public utility, political, non -denominational, and non-profit. It brings together researchers, facilitators, and field actors responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation concerned with the promotion of the Monitoring and Evaluation function and capacity building in Ivory Coast.

Profile OF VOPE

RISE is a non-governmental reflection group. It is an organization of a public utility, non-political, non-denominational, and nonprofit. It brings together researchers, facilitators, and field actors responsible for Monitoring and Evaluation and the promotion of the Monitoring and Evaluation and capacity building in Ivory Coast. It is made up of:


The management and administration body of the RISE, the Coordinating Committee is headed by a president and is based on a permanent secretariat for the daily management of the network.

The Permanent Secretariat

The permanent secretariat is the support structure for the actions of the coordinating committee

The Scientific Committee

Technical body of RISE, the scientific committee is made up of seven thematic groups namely:

  • The Agriculture, food security, environment, and sustainable development working group
  • The Democracy, Citizen Participation, governance, gender, and human rights working group
  • The education, training, literacy, scientific research, work, and employment working group
  • The Health, Nutrition, and HIV/AIDS working group
  • Democracy, Citizen Participation, governance, gender, and human rights working group
  • The capacity building and resource mobilization working group
  • The economic Infrastructure, transport, energy, mining, and ICT working group on
  • The Legal Committee
  • The Legal Committee is a support structure for the constitutional bodies of the RISE

General Objectives

1. Promoting monitoring and evaluation culture for development in Ivory Coast, Africa;

2. National Capacity building in Monitoring and Evaluation

3. Contribution to the harmonization of professional standards and practices for monitoring and evaluation in the Ivory Coast, Africa, and the world.


  • Promote the use of standards (strengthening the expertise and emergence of true evaluators profession)
  • Valuing skills
  • Facilitate the meeting between demand and supply
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between members on one hand and the users on the other
  • Put in place a framework for reflections
  • Contribute to the strengthening of national capacity in Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Develop methodological and practice standards for evaluation
  • Contribute to the development of more adapted and efficient M&E tools and mechanisms.
  • Provide consultancy support to users of these tools
  • Create and manage a database on Monitoring and Evaluation Competencies


Validation of the implementation of  the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper  (2009-2011) YamoussoukroDGP/MEMPD
Participation in Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Development Plan (PND), 2012-2015  Abidjan and Grand-BassamPaDGPLP/MEMPD,    Primature
Elaboration of some of the annual work plans and evaluation of the UNICEF/UNFPA quarterly ACTION plans, Agbo VilleUNICEF, UNDP
Work of the National Population Day Gagnoa, 2010 DSE/MEMPD
Training on the use of SIGSUP (management software UNFPA-funded development projects)Abidjan ENA, 2010DSE/MEMPD
Development and validation of the module on the channel “foresight-planning-programming-budgeting-monitoring and Evaluation (3PBSE), in Abidjan and AdzopéUNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP,
Work on the development of the PND and other national strategy papers in 2013, 2014, 2015 et 2016MP-DGPLCP
Participation in the Fifth Conference of AfrEA (3 members) Cairo  in 2009UNICEF
Participation in the sixth conference of  AfrEA (4 individuals) in Accra  in  2012UNICEF, 3ie, AfrEA
participation in the EES  Conference Helsinki 2012EES
Participation in the  Conference EvalPartner   Chaing Mai (Thailand) December 2012UNICEF, EVALPartners
Participation in the creation of  RFE  Paris January 2013OIF, RFE
Participation in the meeting of  AFRIK4R/BAD-UEMOA Ouagadougou  May 2013UEMOA, BAD, MEMPD
Participation in the development meeting of the training modules of the CLEAR Dakar and Ouagadougou in June 2013CLEAR, 2ie Ouaga
Participation in the 7th Conference of the AfrEA (8 people) Yaoundé  in March 2014AfrEA, UNICEF, PNUD, USAID
Participation in the International Forum of the Francophonie for the Evaluation (10 people)Dakar in October 2014UNICEF, PNUD, OIF, RFE, MEMPD
Organization of the first Ivorian Journals  of Evaluation (JIE 2015) Abidjan 09-10-11Fev 2015MEMPD, UNICEF, BAD, PNUD, UNFPA, ONUCI UFHB, OICE, ANCI, EvalPartner, GRED, ENS,
Organization of a training workshop on the Impact assessment of social projects Abidjan 22-26 June 2015UNICEF, BM, SIEF, JPAL-PARIS, EES-PARIS
Participation in the capacity building workshop of  francophone  VOPE Dakar 19-23 Oct 2015UNICEF, CLEAR, ONUFEMMES, IOCE
Organization of a training workshop for young evaluators to monitor and evaluate projects funded for rural communities (28 JUNE to 1st JULY 2016)PNUD, UFHB
Participation in the International Francophone  Forum for evaluation (15 people) in Marrakech in 2016UNICEF, PNUD, BAD, OIF, RFE, MEMPD
Participation in the 8th Conference of AfrEA (08 people) Kampala in  March 2017MPD, PNUD, UNICEF, CLEAR Francophone, AfrEA
The signing of a training partnership protocol between RISE and ENAP/QUEBEC/And the ENA of Ivory Coast  to relocate PIFED to Ivory Coast (June  2016)RISE, ENAP, ENA
Organization of the 1st PIFED delocalized in Ivory Coast (April 2017)RISE, ENAP, ENA, UNICEF, PNUD, MPD, IGE, MB
Conducting about twenty evaluations (national and international) by members of the RISE selected on the basis of the evaluators of the networkPTF, private sector, and public
Training of Ivorian and Ivorian parliamentarians in the Evaluation of gender-sensitive public policiesBAD, ONUFEMMES, APNOD

Prizes &AWARDS

Recognition by the Ivorian Government of the leadership of the RISE in promoting the culture of evaluation


Address :Côte d’Ivoire Abidjan
Phone:+05 41 35 41
Skype: madculy12


Prof. DIAWARA 05494532
Mr. OKOMA MoussoVice 08958288
Dr. COULIBALY MamadouPermanent / 05413541