The Moroccan Evaluation Association, called l’Association Marocaine de l’Evaluation (AME), was founded on 19 December 2008. It aims to promote and improve understanding and utilization of evaluation and its contribution to public knowledge. It also aims to animate debate on public decisions through the promotion of evaluation culture and its institutionalization in Morocco.


Therefore, the Association is engaged to:

  • Promote awareness of the determinant character of monitoring and evaluation in the strategies and public development policies
  • Develop public debate on evaluation practice and its impact on the country development;
  • Reinforce the Moroccan evaluation community through specific competencies in monitoring and evaluation by means of training, exchange of national and international experiences and capacity building;
  • Plead for the institutionalisation of evaluation of public policies in Morocco.

The Association fields of work are the following:

–       Organisation and institutional development of evaluation in Morocco ;

–       Advocacy for the institutionalisation of evaluation of development public policies in Morocco ;

–       Evaluation, action-research and professional development ;

–       Communication, documentation and publications.


Geographic Area covered: All Moroccan territory


Address of the Association: 4, impasse super marché Souissi, 1000, Rabat, Maroc


The Moroccan Evaluation is managed by a Council consisting of 7 members:


–       Ahmed Bencheikh, President ;

–       Aziz Iraki, Vice-President ;

–       Mohammed Hanafi, Secretary-General ;

–       Mustapha Boujrad, Deputy Secretary-General ;

–       Youssef Lâaraj Treasurer;

–       Mustapha Bouhaddou, Deputy Treasurer;

–       Ali Bouabid et Najia Zirari, Counselors


Finance sources:

Member fees, training activities, UNICEF assistance for meetings and seminars organised by the Association, and other possible sources to be found through conventions with new donors.