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Liberian Evaluation Association (LES)

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The LEA brings together all stakeholders in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to a common platform to share insights and develop M&E capacity and standards in the Liberia. The LEA seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Create a forum for interaction and information sharing on M&E issues
  • Promote high quality ethical and professional standards in M&E
  • Promote the development of M&E approaches and methods suitable to Liberian context
  • Promote professional development in the field of M&E
  • Increase the profile of Liberia’s M&E at national and international levels
  • Be a resource in M&E in Liberia
  • Promote M&E institutionalization
  • To establish network among M&E professionals in Liberia

Board Members

Name of Association / Network Liberian Evaluation Association (LES)
Country of ResidenceLiberia
Country/ies in which the Association operatesLiberia
Status of the Network Currently semi-formal, and in the process of formalizing
Number of Members as of today52

Contact Persons

First NameTHOMAS A. N.First NameWhawhen
Last NameWOBILLLast Name
Email Addresswobillson@yahoo.comEmail Addresswhawhen@yahoo.com
Telephone Details (Include country codes)+231-886-307-983Telephone Details (Include country codes)+23176652976 /+2316516361
Registered Postal Address – CountryLiberiaRegistered Postal Address – CountryLiberia