Conference Strand

The Presidential Strands

The following three themes have been selected for the Presidential Strands and each shall inform the daily theme of the Plenary Sessions:

  1. Technology and Innovation in Evaluation Practice in Africa: The Last Nail on the Coffin of Participatory Approaches?
  2. Youth-led Evaluation – Innovative Methods for Youth Engagement in Evaluation in Africa.
  3. Reforming VOPEs to become important actors in the National Evaluation Ecosystem.

The General Conference Strands

AfrEA has identified 12 potential strands for the 2024 Conference:

  1. Career Development in M&E training – How can we cope with the digital revolution?
  2. Artificial intelligence and evaluation; are we experiencing a revolution in how we evaluate?
  3. Made in Africa Theories and Practices: What can we contribute to the international discourse
  4. Evidence generation, use and application in African political governance systems.
  5. Climate Change, Agriculture, and sustainable Environment management.
  6. Gender, equity, and inclusion in evaluation.
  7. Indigenous Evaluation and Ethics: Recalibrating the Made in Africa Evaluation in the Context of the Decolonization Debate.
  8. Youth and Evaluation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Africa.
  9. Becoming Catalysts: Young and Emerging Evaluators as Agents.
  10. Decolonizing evaluation in Africa in the Post-Crisis Era.
  11. International conflicts and evaluation: what are the implications?
  12. Democracy, Human Rights and Governance: new perspectives to inform African Evaluation Theory and Practice.