The AfrEA VOPE Update System is designed to facilitate the timely and accurate collection and dissemination of information pertaining to our valued VOPE members. In order to effectively update our website with the most current and relevant data, it is essential to allow our VOPE members to easily provide and update their organization’s information.

VOPE’s Organization Capacity Assessment Tool

The OCA tool was designed to enable organizations to define a capacity-building improvement plan, based on self-assessed need. This OCA tool provides organizations with a set of criteria to assess their current management capacity to implement quality health programs, to identify key areas that need strengthening.

Although many capacity assessments exist, the structure and process of this tool distinguishes it from others. Multi-level and multi-department involvement foster team building and organizational learning. Inclusion of management, compliance, and program components ensure a holistic understanding of the organization’s strengths and challenges and the guided self-assessment by a skilled facilitator instills ownership on the part of the organization for its improvement plan.

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