Eddah Kanini Karijo the Treasurer for the Afrcan Evaluation Association. She is a Health Systems Strengthening and Public Health Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist based in Nairobi, Kenya. With over thirteen years of experience, she possesses multifaceted competence in health systems, organizational development, monitoring, evaluation, and gender specialization. Eddah has demonstrated leadership and management capacity through various accomplishments, including overseeing global projects and spearheading evaluations for reproductive health rights, health system strengthening, and HIV prevention programs.

She is skilled in conducting research and evaluations, advising on health systems, climate change, AI, gender equity, and sustainable development. Eddah is a dedicated trainer, mentor, and coach with a passion for information dissemination, writing, and publishing. She holds the position of Team Leader-Monitoring, Evaluation, and Gender Specialist, managing projects on a global scale.