A wide selection of over 60 pre-conference Workshops, covering a range of M&E topics are available for delegates to book. There are selections of Half-Day, One-Day and Two-Day workshops. There is also one Two & Half Day workshop available.

These workshops will run over the two and a half days preceding the 9th International AfrEA Conference 2019., from 11 – 13 March at the African Development Bank building in Abidjan. This venue is offsite from the main conference venue the Sofitel Hotel.

Below is a list of all the Workshops taking place. To view a detailed description of each of the Workshops please CLICK HERE.

To register for the conference and workshops please go to the REGISTRATION page to view the rates and to Register Online.


NoWorkshop TitleDurationDateLanguage Organisation
1TRAINING in BASIC Quasi-Experimental Impact Evaluation Methods2.5 days11-13 MarEnglish Resdev Consult Limited
2Evaluation Theory Made in Africa: Accelerating Collaborative Synthesis1 day11 MarEnglish Capella University
3Gender and Equity Focused Evaluation in the Context of SDGs1 day 11-MarEnglish IDEAS, UN Women and RISE
4A Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for South-South Cooperation1 day 11 MarEnglish Independent; Stellenbosch University
5Result-based evaluation in health: issues, methods, deontology/ethics, organization and applications to family planning and HIV/AIDS programs in Africa Half day 11-MarFrench IBTCI
6To be or not to be: being a transformative evaluator today.Half day11-MarEnglish Relac
7Atelier sur les méthodes, techniques et outils d’évaluation de l’intégration du genre dans un secteur de développement1 day 11-MarFrench Cadea
8Identifying and Assessing Norms for Evaluating Norms-Shifting Interventions1 day 11-MarEnglish Institute For Reproductive Health, Georgetown University
9Abandonner les idées reçues en évaluation : comment maximiser l’impact de l’évaluation dans votre organisation?Half day11-MarFrenchÉcole Nationale D'administration Publique
10Ruts, traps and moving forward in a new direction together on capacity development: lessons learned about what to avoid and building consensus for approaches that work Half day11-MarEnglish3ie
11Enrich your data collection! Participatory methodologies with vulnerable populationsHalf day *11-MarEnglish Institute For Reproductive Health
12Formation sur les outils KobotoolBox et Kobo Collect: KoBoToolbox est une suite d’outils gratuite et open source destinée à l’élaboration facile des questionnaires électroniques téléchargeables sur les smartphones ou tablettes avec l’application KoboCollect pour la collecte de données sur le terrain. Half day11-MarFrenchProjets Banque Mondial/ministère De La Santé Publique Et De La Lutte Contre Le Sida Au Burundi
13 Apport du Système d’Information Géographique à la production des données probantes à l’évaluation des impacts des projets de développement durable : cas des projets de la province du Batha (Centre du Tchad)Half day *11-MarFrench Ministere De L'environnement, De L'eau Et De La Peche du Tchad
14Follow up to Colombo Declaration and EvalColombo2018 – Progress towards regional commitments1 day11-MarEnglish EvalPartners
15Towards responsive and live evidence-bases to support policy decision-making: An introduction to evidence maps and rapid response services1 day11-MarEnglish Africa Centre For Evidence, University Of Johannesburg
16Positive Youth Development Measurement and Applications of a Learning Agenda for Youth-focused Programming1 day11-MarEnglish International Center For Research On Women/Making Cents International
17Elevating Your Evaluation Practice by Applying Theories and Approaches1 day11-MarEnglish Western Michigan University
18Accelerating Africa’s Development: Building a Theory of Change for making evaluation for relevant to development in sub-Saharan Africa2 days11 & 12 MarEnglish University Of The Witwatersrand
19“All statistics are data, but all data are not statistics" - Mixed methods in programme evaluation2 days11 & 12 MarEnglish The African Capacity Building Foundation
20Computer Aided Data Collection and Management2 days11 & 12 MarEnglish Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development
21Developing and sustaining Evaluation System Short Course 2 days 11&12 MarEnglish Tegemeo Institute of Agricultural Policy and Development
22Developing and sustaining Evaluation System Short Course 2 days11 & 12 MarEnglish Clear-aa
23L'intégration de l'agenda 2030 pour le développement durable et le cadre du suivi et d'évaluation des ODD: spécificités et défis. 2 days 11 & 12 MarEnglish NATIONS UNIES
24Streamline qualitative analysis and evaluation evidence with free spreadsheet softwareHalf Day 12 MarEnglish Circum
25Atelier de formation sur l’intégration des questions de genre dans l’évaluation pour un développement durableHalf day 12 MarFrenchCameroon Development Evaluation Association
26Méthodologie et outils de la gestion des connaissances appliqués aux VOPEs1 day 12 MarFrenchClear Fa
27Strengthening VOPEs Workshop1 day12 MarEnglish Benita Williams Evaluation
28How to become a better evaluator in the SDG era? A step-by-step guide on how to "Think outside of your Evaluation Toolbox" and Overcome your Personal Boundaries (available in French or English)1 day12 MarEnglish UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa
29Introduction to the Poverty Probability Index: a smarter way to reach the world’s poorestHalf day 12 MarEnglish Innovations For Poverty Action
30Adult learning: what does it mean and how can you integrate it in your capacity development approachesHalf day12 MarEnglish 3ie
31Digital: a need-to-have, not a nice-to-have in evaluations during the Fourth Industrial RevolutionHalf day 12 MarEnglish Kantar Public
32Evaluative Thinking to Strengthen the Evaluation Ecosystem in AfricaHalf day *12 MarEnglish Virginia Tech
33L’appropriation des piliers de GRD selon l’initiative Afrik4R et l’articulation des critères de l’évaluation aux fonctions parlementaires (une avancée vers l’institutionnalisation) Half day*12 MarFrenchConsultant
34Evaluation Consulting: The challenges of setting fees that add value to clients and yourselfHalf day*12-MarEnglish Tanzania Evaluation Association
35Use of Qualitative Methods in Evaluations Half day12-MarFrench IBTCI
36Introduction to Setting up an Independent Evaluation Consulting FirmHalf day*12-MarEnglish Khulisa Management Services
37Using multidisciplinary approaches for conducting a performance evaluation by individual consultants: how to cope with the challenges of multidisciplinary in the fieldHalf day12-MarFrench IBTCI
38La pratique de l'évaluation dans les pays africains, portées et limites".Half day *12-MarFrench Ministère Des Finances Algérien
39Private Sector Evaluations: opportunities, challenges and methods1 Day12-MarFrench World Bank
40Dealing with complexity in development evaluation: Challenges and opportunities for evaluating African development [2]1 day 12-MarEnglish Independent Evaluation Consultant
41How to design an evaluation report using development assistance criteria?1 day12-MarEnglish African Evaluation Association
42Improving evidence uptake and use: how to monitor, measure and report evidence impactHalf day 13-MarEnglish International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)
43Qualitative Data Management and Analysis Using NVIVOHalf day *13-MarEnglish Lida Africa
44A Scoping Study on Monitoring, Learning and Evaluation (MLE) in the agricultural sector in KenyaHalf day *13-MarEnglish Tegemeo Institute, Egerton University
45Experiencing Capitalisation: Relevance and use of learning-orientated evaluative approaches to accelerate Africa’s development Half Day13-MarEnglish Independent Development Evaluation - African Development Bank
46Data visualization and communication of evidenceHalf Day13-MarEnglish Rhm
47Strengthening the Evaluation Eco-system through skilled in results-based reportingHalf day*13-MarEnglish Zimbabwe Evaluation Society
48Inclusive System Evaluation for Gender Equality, Environments and Marginalized Voices (ISE4GEMs): A UN Women Guide for Empowering Voices in the SDG Era Half day*13-MarEnglishEthos Of Engagement Consulting/james Cook University
49L’évaluation des campagnes agricole, Instrument de Prevention et de Gestion des Crises alimentaires, par Dreni-Mi Mahamat Djimé, Président du RTSEHalf day *13-MarFrenchRéseau Tchadien De Suivi Et Évaluation
50Doing Impact Evaluation for real-world projects and programs: Learning and measurement.Half day*13-MarEnglish Independent Evaluation Unit Of The Green Climate Fund
51Co-designing and Evaluating Whatsapp Content Engagement:
How to Build it Into your Digital Project
Half day*13-MarEnglish Praekelt.org
52What are people telling us - how can we collect better data and how should we analyse the data we collectHalf day*13-MarEnglish Robertsbrown Pty Ltd
53Participation des enfants et des jeunes à la recherche et à l’évaluation : défis, enjeux et perspectives méthodologiquesHalf day*13-MarFrenchSave the Children
54The Power of Survey Design: Developing effective surveysHalf day*13-MarEnglish Genesis Analytics
55Managing and Conducting Credible, Quality and Useful Evaluations: A Thought-provoking, Critical, Pragmatic and Transformational Conversation among Evaluation Commissioners and Specialists towards more Development Impact.Half day13-MarEnglish Unicef
56Professionalization for Evaluation: moving forward global thinking and coordination actionHalf day13-MarEnglish Un World Food Programme