Réseau Tunisien de l’Evaluation (RTE)


The RTE will be dedicated to the promotion of the evaluation culture within state institutions and the civil society and its institutionalization as a practice of good governance.
The RTE aims to include the development action in the process of accountability, transparency and efficiency for the success of the democratic process and access of all Tunisians to Sustainable and equitable development.
Our Mission
Advocate for the adoption of evaluation in the policy development and management processes of development programmes;
Building capacity in the planning of national and local actors of monitoring and evaluation towards cooperation with the regional and international community of evaluators;
Generate and share knowledge assessment in evaluation with all the actors of development
Initiate good evaluation practices at all territorial scales.


  •  Extension of the concepts of monitoring and evaluation for the local organizations
    • Research on the national evaluation capacities in Tunisia
    • A project “Institutionalization of evaluation public policy in Tunisia.”
    • Organization of the fifth regional conference of EvalMENA Network in May 2016
    • Organization of first PIFED in Tunisia in May 2016
    • Several training workshops on impact evaluation, economic evaluation, gender-sensitive evaluation.
    • Launch of the Tunisian Parliamentarian Evaluation Forum


Anis Ben Younes President  anisby.2012@gmail.com
Walid Haddouk Vice president Haddoukwalid@gmail.com
Donia Turki General Secretary donia.turki@outlook.com