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Brief History of VOPE

The idea to form an inclusive National Monitoring and Evaluation Society(NES) was spearheaded mainly by IPDET alumni operating in Rwanda and actively supported by the Government of Rwanda in early 2015. On January 19th 2016, a first meeting of M&E peer learning group was convened under the auspices of the National Capacity Building Secretariat(NCBS). 

The first output of this meeting was the establishment of a taskforce in November 2016 which drew the roadmap of the NES and spearhead activities in that direction. Thus, on November 4, 2016, more than 90 high profile evaluation practitioners, evaluation commissioners and evaluation users graced the occasion to officially launch the society.

Key institutions that sent high-level officials to support the launch of RMES included the National Statistics of Rwanda, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, UNICEF, NCBS, IDEAS Board, as well as the Institute of Policy Analysis and Research(Rwanda). The launch further tasked the Peer Learning Group to form a formal NES with its structures to start its operations with a national character, identify and leadership.

Subsequently, a core team from the former Capacity Development and Employment Services Board (CESB) and members from other sectors organized a General Assembly on May 25, 2017 which formally elected its first Executive Committee. Rwanda’s Ministry for Economic Planning and Finance, former Capacity Development and Employment Services Board (CESB), the Belgian Technical Cooperation and UNICEF Rwanda contributed financial resources towards the success of this event. 

Profile OF VOPE

RMES is a Community of Practice (CoP) with individual membership comprised of Monitoring and Evaluation professionals and practitioners formed from the public sector, civil society, research institutions, the UN and private sector. RMES’ mission is to cultivate the highest professional standards in monitoring and evaluation practice and theory through highly skilled and motivated members and promoting a nation-wide culture of using evidence-based data to inform decision making.

The RMES has a recognized general statute, well-structured with chairmanship position assuming the responsibilities of legal representation and leadership, seconded by vice chairmanship, Treasurer and Secretary. Currently RMES is in the process of building an operational Secretariat that handles day to day activities of the organization and building professional capacities of its members. 


  • Organizing and conducting professional capacity building in M&E for members and other data end users,
  • Organizing M&E conferences and workshops for data users,
  • Knowledge sharing and transfer of best practices among members and other similar COPs,
  • Providing professional expertise in conducting national and international evaluations,
  • Policy Research in M&E, Planning and Management for Development Results Training
  • Contributing and participating in regional and international evaluation conferences.




Address: P.O. Box 1256 Kigali Rwanda
Phone: +250788308131
Email:  egatari@gmail.com


Eugene N.Gataripresidentegatari@gmail.com+250788308131
Judith K.KatabarwaVice-Presidentjudithkata@yahoo.com
Dinah KwizeraTreasurerdinakwizera@gmail.com0788631733
Yves NtbanaSecretaryyvesriam@gmail.com