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Niger Monitoring and Evaluation Network is an organization of evaluation professionals created since 1999 in the global framework process of setting up active national evaluation networks.

This structure operated for ten years on a zero-budget, that is to say, that the costs associated with its activities were fully supported by the founding members notably  United Nations agencies, the Niger government, bilateral and multilateral cooperation agencies, international NGO’s and other national institutions.

Since 2010, ReNSE was launched and became an association under the Niger law 0556/MISD/DGAPJ/DLP of 30 August 2010


The overall objective of ReNSE is to contribute to the professionalism of evaluators.

The specific objective is to make evaluation managers and evaluators have knowledge of the importance of standards and ethics in evaluation. After defining the evaluation concept, its typologies, criteria and its ethics and standards.


  • 1998: Regional Evaluation workshop at Nairobi financed by UNICEF on the theme ‘Can we use the American norms of evaluation in the context of African culture.
  • 1999: The first AfrEA Conference which examined the results of the previous meeting in details by the Nairobi Evaluation and Monitoring network.
  • 2002: The second test phase at the AfrEA conference in Nairobi, where 11 associations and network of evaluators proceeded to the review and adoption of the fourth edition of the African Evaluation Guide.
  • 2004: Gathering of the group of experts.
  • 2007: Adoption of the director’s guidelines for African evaluation. Thus, the ethics and standards of the African evaluation comprise four principles comprising thirty-five standards.


PositionNameEmail addressTelephone
CoordinatorDr Hassane idé 89 31 71
Deputyvcoordinator Assadeck 61 03 08
Head of communicationIdiguine

+22796 15 83 55
Deputy head of communicationAhmed Zaman

+22790 40 11 46
Head of training and documentationSoumanaSeyni soumana18@yahoo.fr96 99 11 15/90 99 11 15
Deputy head of training and documentationMme Haoua Idi Abdouhabdou06@yahoo.fr96543417
General TreasurerBeidari Ibrahimab_ibrahima1@yahoo.fr96 87 31 14/90 41 63 61
Deputy General TreasurerSoumaïla Mamadou
AuditorsSouleymane Mamadou,
Ahmed Sékou Diallo,