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GMEF began as a small network of professionals and enthusiasts in M&E that met at ISSER (Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research) in the University of Ghana, Legon that met periodically to discuss M&E and national issues.

Gradually this grew into a bigger organization that held regular fora/ forums on M&E in Accra. It was registered as an NGO in Ghana, in 2008

At present, GMEF undertakes capacity building and advocacy on M&E through conferences, workshops, forums, youth activities (eg. Competitions) in 6 regional capitals of the country, namely, Accra, Takoradi, Tamale and Kumasi, Ho and Bolgatanga.

Through GMEF’s membership, participation and support to the work of AfrEA, we have improved on the integration of Ghana’s M&E community in regional and global M&E networks, for more effective exchange of knowledge and best practices. We have also worked with the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) and the Center for Learning, Evaluation and Research (CLEAR) Africa to further enhance knowledge sharing through their participation as trainers/presenters at our conferences and forums, as well as GMEF’s participation in their meetings to share our knowledge and experiences with participants from other countries.

We are also registered as a member of the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation.


The Ghana Monitoring and Evaluation Forum (GMEF) is Ghana’s only, formal Voluntary Organization for Professional Evaluators (VOPE). Established in 2008 to promote evidence-based policy making at all levels in Ghana, GMEF has grown to become a network of over 600 public-spirited individuals who seek to meet the need for improved M&E through the promotion of open dialogue around M&E issues. This is with a view to positively influencing the development opportunities of our time with new insights, perspectives and tools.

GMEF’s mission is to promote and enable the use of monitoring and evaluation in programme implementation and policy planning. GMEF’s 4 main objectives are:
1. To share insight and experience in the art and practice of monitoring and evaluation.
2. To support continuing monitoring and evaluation education.
3. To promote evidence-based decision-making.
4. To establish a national monitoring and evaluation repository.


  • Organization of forums and advocacy around monitoring and evaluation,
  • knowledge sharing and learning events on M&E.
  • Many forums have been organized in 6 regional capitals namely, Accra, Takoradi, Tamale and Kumasi, Ho and Bolgatanga since GMEF’s inception


UNICEF, UNDP, STAR-Ghana, the World Bank, ACBF, CLEAR Africa, Ernst and Young, UNFPA, the Africa Leadership Initiative, AfrEA and others


Mrs. Dede Bedu-Addo (Coordinator) Daniel Essel
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