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Association Algerienne pour la Promotion de l’Evaluation du Development

Adresse : Site ISGP, rue Hadj Noureddine BAHA (Ex LIDO) BP 179 Bordj-El- Kiffan – Alger
Telephone : (+213)21204228 – 21205895
Fax : (+213) 21203347 – 21203270 – 21201443 – 21203808 -21215952
Mail : mbouchakourm@yahoo.fr

Vope profile of EvalDZ

History: The Association was launched in 2016 however it did not obtain its official permit until November 2017.

Activities: It is directed toward creating awareness information for evaluation (advocacy for its institutionalization) and capacity building (training of evaluators and other stakeholders)


is included in the global evaluation networks (EvalMena, RFE etc)

Awards: Nil

Contact: Mohamed Bouchakour (mbouchakourm@yahoo.fr; (+213)661570082