AfrEA Strategic Objectives: 2016-2021

Strategic Goal 1: Ensure the continued growth, strength and sustainability of AfrEA

Activity area 1: Expand AfrEA’s membership numbers and income from membership fees

AfrEA currently has 33 VOPE members and 6 institutional members in addition to several hundred individual members. AfrEA would like to continually increase its VOPE membership base to cover more and more of the African continent. AfrEA would also like to make sure that all members are paying their full membership fees on time so that it can more easily manage its accounts.

Activity area 2: Maintain operational efficiency

In order to support and promote its members, it is essential that AfrEA operates efficiently and effectively in all areas of its operations. Critical to this functioning is the recruitment and regular appraisal of a strong Secretariat.

Activity area 3: Ensure sustainable funding

If AfrEA is to continue to provide support to its members into the medium and long term future, it is critical that it has a sustainable and reliable funding base. This entails diversifying the range of potential income streams that are available to the Association (e.g. income from conferences or online training) as well as further developing relationships with existing or prospective donors.

Strategic Goal 2: Support African evaluation capacity

Activity area 4: Build the institutional capacity of VOPE members

One of the primary ways through which AfrEA aims to promote African evaluation for sustainable development is through building the institutional capacity of its VOPE members.  Currently many VOPEs are institutionally weak, they are often unregistered, do not have formal governance systems, have very limited resources and have limited financial management. AfrEA aspires to support VOPEs to become institutionally strong so that they can play a larger and more effective role in promoting and implementing African evaluation for sustainable development.

Activity area 5: Build the evaluation capacity of VOPE members through targeted projects and programmes

In addition to supporting the institutional capacity of VOPE members, AfrEA also supports the evaluation capacity-building of its VOPE members through its projects and programmes. AfrEA seeks to enable VOPEs to respond effectively to requests for evaluation, to carry out evaluation projects professionally and successfully and to provide funders with rigorous independent results. AfrEA uses its portfolio of projects and programmes to respond to the evolving needs of VOPEs in these regards and continuously build the evaluation capacity of VOPE members.

Strategic goal 3: Generate, store and share knowledge on quality African evaluation for development and advocate for its increased use

Activity area 6: Promote the quality, knowledge and use of African evaluation for development through conferences

One of the core pillars of AfrEA’s operations are the regular international conferences, held in partnership with one of its national VOPEs. Since its creation AfrEA has organized seven such conferences. The most recent, 7th conference was held in 2014 in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Such conferences aim to provide platforms for networking, knowledge sharing and capacity building for members, funders, partners and other evaluation stakeholders. The conferences involve global actors but are focused particularly on Africa.

Activity area 7: Promote the generation, storage and sharing of knowledge on African evaluation for development through the African Evaluation Journal

The African Evaluation Journal (AEJ) acts as a vehicle for resources, which contribute to the improvement of monitoring and evaluation theories and practices within institutions and businesses in Africa. The Journal builds awareness and skills of professional evaluators, students, policy makers and researchers to strengthen and integrate monitoring and evaluation in policy planning and decision making for enhanced development. The African Evaluation Journal publishes high quality peer-reviewed articles of merit on any subject related to evaluation, and provide targeted information of professional interest to members of AfrEA and its national associations and evaluators across the globe.

Activity area 8: Work with national African governments to increase the knowledge and use of African evaluation approaches within public institutions

As part of AfrEA’s vision for “An Africa rooted in a culture of evaluation for equitable and sustainable development” they would like to see evaluation become part of the standard practices of African public institutions. AfrEA will work with governments to build a culture of evaluation within these institutions.

Activity area 9: Be a thought leader in the area of African evaluation practice

AfrEA will also seek to support members and the wider evaluation community by driving the development and sharing of and new knowledge, resources and information in the area of African evaluation.