The 9th AfrEA conference will be held from 11th to the 15th of March, 2019 and will be co-hosted with the Réseau Ivoiriende Suiviet d’Evaluation(RISE), the African Development Bank and the Government of Cote D’Ivoire.
AfrEA’s newsletter ReportAge is offered as a service to members to stay abreast of what is happening in the evaluation field, on the continent and globally. The first issue was launched in August 2013, ahead of the 7th AfrEA Conference in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Click on the tabs below to download backdated copies of the AfrEA newsletter from 2013 to 2018

Latest Newsletters
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2018 Newsletters
English French
ReportAge January 2018 ReportAge Janvier 2018 (FRENCH)
ReportAge Febuary 2018 ReportAge Fevrier 2018 (FRENCH)
ReportAge March 2018 ReportAge Mars 2018 (FRENCH)
Reportage April 2018
ReportAge May June 2018
ReportAge July 2018 
Reportage Avril 2018 (FRENCH)
ReportAge Mai Juin 2018 (FRENCH)
ReportAge Juillet 2018 (FRENCH)

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English French
ReportAge Dec 2017 English ReportAge Dec 2017 French
ReportAge Nov 2017 English ReportAge Nov 2017 French
ReportAge Oct 2017 English ReportAge Oct 2017 French
ReportAge Sept 2017 English ReportAge Sept 2017 French
ReportAge Afrea August 2017 ReportAge Afrea Août 2017(FRENCH)
Afrea bio_24 July 2017 Afrea bio_24 juillet 2017(FRENCH)
ReportAge May 2017 ReportAge Mai 2017 (FRENCH)
ReportAge March 2017 ReportAge Mars 2017 (FRENCH)
AEJ Health Edition Survey Letter

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2016 Newsletters
English French
ReportAge September 2016 ReportAge September 2016 (FRENCH)
ReportAge August 2016 ReportAge August 2016 (FRENCH)
ReportAge July 2016 ReportAge July 2016 (FRENCH)
AEJ Health Edition Survey Letter

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