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A different view on

Prizes & Awards
Brief History
– Advocate for the institutionalization of the function
of evaluation based on human rights and gender to
contribute to public accountability and democracy in
– Promote the culture of evaluation within academic
circles, public administrative institutions, parliament,
local authorities and civil society.
– Strengthen national capacities in development
evaluation in Morocco with specific skills, in
particular in analysis, monitoring and evaluation
through training, exchange of national and
international best practices and the development of
professional capacities.
Established in December 2008 and legally
recognized in March 2009, the Moroccan
Association of Evaluation (AME) is one of the
voluntary organizations for professional evaluation
(VOPEs). Its mission is to contribute to the
improvement of public action by promoting the
culture of evaluation and public accountability and
its institutionalization in Morocco.
– To raise awareness on the importance of
monitoring and evaluation in development
strategies and policies, as well as their success and
– To deepen the public debate on the practice of
evaluation and its impact on the development of the
– Strengthen the evaluation community in Morocco
with specific skills in monitoring and evaluation
through training, exchange of national and
international experiences and capacity building.
– Advocate for the institutionalization of the
evaluation of public policies in Morocco.
– International Organization for Cooperation in
Evaluation (IOCE).
– EvalPartners Initiative
– EvalMENA Network
– African Evaluation Association
– Francophone Evaluation Network
The AME‘s partners are:
– House of Councilors of Morocco. (Upper house
of parliament)
– United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).
– Spanish Agency for International Development
Cooperation (AECID), Spain.
– Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation
(ACCD), Spain.
– International Development Research Center
(IDRC), Canada.
– Delegation of the European Union to Morocco.
– National Observatory of Human Development
– National Institute of Urban Planning (INAU).
– Tissaghnasse Association for Culture and
Development (ASTICUDE).
– Tensift Regional Development Center (CDRT).
– Associative Network for Development and
Democracy of Zagora (RAZDED).
– Colombe Blanche Association for the Protection
of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (ACB).
– School of Governance and Economy (EGE).


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