Address : Rue 252 Porte 163, Daoudabougou, Bamako-Mali (near Embassy of Algeria)  Phone: (223) 20 20 36 99


Association for the Promotion of Evaluation in Mali was created in 2006 under the initiative of national experts who work in the field of local development.
This initiative is part of the observation that evaluation is a privileged instrument of good governance allowing  the initiation of a systematic process and an objective assessment of a project, a  program or development  policy; but the period of evaluation often constitutes times of panic and stress within the structures  presented to it.


The mission of EMPA is to promote evaluation as a tool for good governance in the control and management of projects and developmental projects at national, regional and local levels in Mali.
– produce and disseminate standards in evaluation
– develop national evaluation capacities
– create an avenue for public debate around public action
– Build consensus around the main principles and priority areas of evaluation


Some major activities since the creation of MEA:

  • participation in the virtual conference organized by the International Organization for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) in December 2008
  • Active in Malian Symposium on Applied Science (MSAS) held in Bamako in 2008-2010
  • Participation at the planning of priority actions 2009 Component: UNICEF Rights and partnership Promotion program
  • Elaboration of a policy paper for the organization of National Symposium and promotion of evaluation culture for good governance of political public programs in projects in Mali
  • Making of a policy paper the Mobilization Strategy of technical and financial partners.
  • An active member of the first office of AfrEA, 2009-2012
  • Organization of evaluation workshop as part of capacity building (Hosted by Marie Gervais of Canada)
  • Active participation at the sixth AfrEA conference in Ghana, January 2012
  • A member of APEM co hosted the training session on “monitoring participatory Evaluation impact oriented management” in partnership with the Institute of Science and Population (ISSP)Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and the Centre for Innovation and Development (CDI) Wageningen, Netherlands,
  • Participation in first International Francophone Forum of Evaluation at Dakar, October 2014
  • Participation in the National Workshop on the elaboration of a methodological and institutional framework for the evaluation of public policies in Mali. The workshop was organized by the ministry of Planning for Land and Population Management, November 2014.
  • Participation at the first edition of Ivorian Evaluation Journal, February 2015
  • Organizer of the first edition of National Evaluation journals in Mali, November 2015
  • Participant at the International conference of the University of Abdelhamid Mehri of Constantine 2 in Algeria. Theme‘Optimizing academic missions and putting evaluation at the service of research, innovation and talent training”. Communication presentation on the subject ‘How to develop the networking of Evaluation Associations’, May 2015.
  • Participation at the second edition of International Francophone Evaluation Forum organized by RFE at Marrakech, December 2016
  • Participant at the Fifth Evaluation Conference on National Capacity organized by the Independent Evaluation Office of UNDP at Istanbul. Common communication presentation with the CSLP under the theme ‘Evaluation and Conflict in the Sahel’ (Case of Mali) PRSP:



PRSP: Technical unit for coordinating the poverty Reduction Strategy framework;

DNPD: National Directorate for Development Planning;

DNB: National Directorate of the Budget

UNICEF: United Nations Children’s Fund;

CFD: Development training Centre;

TOKTEN: Transfer of Knowledge through Expatriate Nationals

Prizes & Awards

In January 2012, APEM  placed 3rd for the Bill Gates award worth 1500 US dollars at the sixth conference of AfrEA.

Names of Executives and Their Positions

Chiaka DembeleChief 67497979
Ramatou DiarraInternational Relations 66086565
Amadou 60308327