The Made in Africa plenary during the 8th AfrEA Conference, with participation from the Global South, including from left to right:

  • Zenda Ofir, Chair
  • Lennise Baptiste, Caribbean Evaluators International
  • Ravi Ram, Pacific Islands Evaluation Association
  • Ana Louisa Guzman, Latin American and Caribbean Network of Evaluation
  • Arunaselam Rasappan, Asia-Pacific Evaluation Association
  • Foday Turay, African Evaluation Association
  • Sonal Zaveri, Community of Evaluators South Asia

Made in Africa Evaluation

Africa is recognized as a global leader in post-colonial, conceptual thinking and approaches to development that
reflect indigenous cultures, peoples and values. For over three decades, African evaluators, researchers, academics and policy makers have contributed to a body of literature on evaluation rooted in local cultures known as Made in
Africa Evaluation (MAE).

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“A decolonized MAE approach is African-people
centered, values that are culturally relevant and
indigenized evaluation processes and uses
methodologies that are predominantly informed by
African worldviews and paradigms.”
Bagele Chilisa, 2017