Invitation to bid – Evaluation of the ECPF Plans of Action 83374547

Kindly endeavor to send in the following..

1a. Technical offer, which should be based on criteria’s in the technical assessment grid (Annex 2)

1b. Price offer (Annex 3) – in Local currency

2. Please kindly read the Terms of References (Annex 1) below for more information.

3. Endeavor to label your offer appropriately: if by email, title email subject as ‘Evaluation of the ECPF Plans of Action_83374547’ and send to or if by hard copy, kindly label as below and send to – GIZ Office, 12 Charles de Gaulle Close, Asokoro, Abuja.

Bidding documents

Subject: Evaluation of the ECPF Plans of Action

Project Title: GIZ EPSAO

Project No.: 18.2135.4-001.00

Cosoft N°: 83374547

4. The deadline for submission of offer is Monday, 1st March 2021

5. In case of any questions, kindly send in by responding to this email on or before 22.02.21.

Also acknowledge receipt of this email by sending to