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Course Structure

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]AfrEA offers online as well as face-to-face courses on an array of Monitoring and Evaluation topics. Developed by AfrEA senior members, affiliated academic institutions and evaluation experts, the course materials contain state-of-the-art information on M&E-related topics for researchers, program managers, trainers, policy makers, students, and other professionals. AfrEA also links with existing online courses already developed for example by the International Organization  for  Cooperation in  Evaluation (IOCE) and other partners and adapts those that are suitable for the African context.

The course content is practical and build on the several years of experience of AfrEA members in conducting evaluation. While many AfrEA members may have already been trained in generic concepts of research and M&E, the AfrEA School of Evaluation courses will focus on the application of the theoretical principles in real practice, which is often a challenge. In addition, the course content addresses the challenges of transforming development programmes’ results framework and indicators into a well-functioning Monitoring and Evaluation system of data collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting and learning.

The practical focus of the courses utilises and or is build around the recent trends in Adaptive Management – A structured, iterative process of robust decision making in the face of uncertainty, with an aim to reducing uncertainty over time via system monitoring (Wikipedia). Essentially collecting and acting on data to improve management outcomes. Adaptive management goes beyond PMEP indicator data and tracks fidelity of implementation. Course Modules[/vc_column_text][minti_divider style=”5″ margin=”1px 0 1px 0″][minti_divider style=”5″ margin=”1px 0 1px 0″][minti_divider style=”5″ margin=”1px 0 1px 0″][/vc_column][/vc_row]