[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]The School of Evaluation courses look at systematic and robust Monitoring and Evaluation in a coherent programme design. Programmes which are coherent are those which have sound internal logic. M&E articulates what changes the programme intends to achieve and how it expects to do so. Sound M&E systems are critical for helping organizations understand to what extent they have achieved what they intended to achieve.

Specifically, the courses explore some of the foundations for designing and implementing robust Monitoring and Evaluation systems. This includes the ten step of establishing a Monitoring and Evaluation system, including the approach of results-based management. It also explore topics such as defining results, developing and selecting key performance indicators, how to collect data and information, grouping indicators and developing output monitoring tools.

Online Certificate Courses  in Monitoring  and  Evaluation: These interactive, web-based modules provides information and tools for students and professionals on evaluation related topics.

Face to  Face Professional Monitoring  and Evaluation Courses: AfrEA also offers a certificate courses in Evaluation of Programs.

Made in Africa  Evaluation

All AfrEA organised  or  led  training  courses have  a  module  on “Made in Africa” Evaluation principles and approaches and  the African Evaluation Guidelines. Participants  in AfrEA courses  will be   tutored  in these principles  and become  qualified  “Made In Africa”  Evaluators.

General Course Modules

  • Monitoring and Evaluation and  the Project Cycle/Project Management
  • Designing and Managing  Evaluation
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Results Based  Management

Specialized  Course Modules

  • Adaptive Management
  • Monitoring and  Evaluation in Fragile  and  Conflict Contexts
  • Evaluation of Health Programs
  • Evaluation of Education Programs
  • Evaluation for Policy  Development and  Implementation
  • Data Visualization
  • ICT Skills and  Monitoring  and Evaluation
  • Evaluation Reporting and Dissemination


AfrEA School of Evaluation courses/workshops explore concepts, techniques and practical issues around Monitoring and Evaluation, development planning and results-based management. Facilitators utilize lectures, case studies and group exercises to discuss key issues, methods and approaches to current trends in evaluation practice  with the aim of equipping participants with the requisite skills, tools and knowledge base to monitor and evaluate development programmes.[/vc_column_text][minti_divider style=”9″ margin=”1px 0 1px 0″][minti_divider style=”9″ margin=”1px 0 1px 0″][minti_divider style=”9″ margin=”1px 0 1px 0″][/vc_column][/vc_row]