Réseau Burkinabè de Suivi et d’Evaluation (RéBuSE)

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Phone:  (226)72 21 24 43
Email: rebusebf@gmail.com
Site web:    www.rebusebf.org
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The Burkina Faso Monitoring and Evaluation Network officially held its constitutive General assembly on 2 December 2006. ReBuSe’ constitutive General Assembly was held during a time when the Francophone evaluators’ community throughout Africa and around the world were being formed. Also, since its formation, the internal status and rules of procedure adopted since Kaya in July 2003 have remained without sequel. It aims at creating a network exchange where the community of Burkinabe evaluators will have to meet in a network to promote and develop the culture of monitoring and evaluation.


The network is made up of about hundred members with 20% being women. It is an active civil society organization promoting the culture of evaluation.


International Activities

  • Participation in the Second International Francophone Evaluation Forum,13 -16 December 2016 Marrakech, Morocco
  • Participation in the Eighth African Evaluation Conference ,27 -31 March 2017 in Uganda
  • Participation of emerging evaluators in PIFED 2017 Canada

Trainings held by RéBuSE

  • Training for about twenty members in 2007.
  • Training for a dozen of the National land use planning frameworks(SNAT ) (September 2010) ;
  • Training for 20 public, private and NGO executives, (June 2011);
  • Creation of DGESS  in 2012;
  • Training conducted  in September  2013 & 2014;
  •  Training in ‘Monitoring and Evaluation, fraudulent practices and its effects on projects and development programs on 22nd to 23rd December 2015.
  • 2iE training with 5 parliamentarians on theme ‘‘SDG evaluation; Gender and equity assessment”
  • Training of emerging evaluators on data management in the M&E  of projects and programs

Projects managed by RéBuSE

  • P2P programme between RéBuSE and ReNSE in 2015 financed by IOCE
  • The pilot project to strengthen evaluation capacity of sustainable development objectives from a gender perspective in Burkina Faso, EvalGender +(PRCE-ODDEG) funded by the IOCE

RéBuSE’s contribution towards activities of Institutional Partners

  • Participation in National foundations under the PNDES- National economic and social development Plan from 20 to 21 June 2016 ;
    • RéBuSE’s participation at the domestication workshop of Agenda 2063  by the African Union in October 2016 ;
    • RéBuSE’s participation at the National workshop prioritization of SDG targets in 2016;
    • RéBuSE’s participation in the diagnostic study of evaluative capacity
    • Seminar on the return of the interim report on the Evaluation of EU budgetary support in Burkina Faso in April 2016
    • Participation in the proofreading of the tools for planning and evaluating the performance of officials and public structures in phase with the program budget, from 13 to 17 June 2016 and validation on August 9
    • Participation in the retirement of the national policy of good governance 2017-2026 drafting group,17 Oct.2016
    • Brainstorming workshop for the development of the guide to evaluating the performance of public structures ,Jul 2016
    • Drafting of the national strategy for promoting good governance 2017-2026, 11 Nov. 2016
    • Support for the formulation of the National Assembly Strategic  Plan

National Events

  • Room for the evaluation on the evaluative capacities of Burkina  Faso and the new strategic plan of UNICEF
    • 2nd Burkina Faso Day of evaluation organized from 17 to 19 November 2015 in collaboration with the Ministry in charge of Economy
    • 1st Burkina Faso Evaluation days (JBE) organized from 24 to 26 November 2009 ;
    • Conference discussion on the impact assessment organized on 13/11/2010




Address: 06BP 10120 Ouagadougou 06
Phone : 0022670269069
Email : micheloued@yahoo.fr


1 OUEDRAOGO Michel President micheloued@yahoo.fr Tél. 70 26 90 69  
2 OUEDRAOGO Nabyouré Jean Stanislas General Secretary ouederstanislas@gmail.com Tél. 71 46 62 46  
3 YAMEOGO Achille R. Deputy General Secretary achillosyam@gmail.com Tél. 71 26 56 76  
4 SIGUE Assiéta Treasurer asigue2005@yahoo.fr Tél. 70 24 52 94  
5 YONLI/ZANGRE Marceline Deputy Treasurer yonlizangre@yahoo.fr Tél. 60 45 15 55  
6 KOITA  Wasso Wenceslas Chief of communication, relations and advocacy wasso2011@gmail.com Tél.76 19 41 83 / 70 46 37 26  
7 DAHOUROU Touré Head of organization(responsible for training ,management and valorization of knowledge) tdahourou@yahoo.fr Tél. 70 06 06 60  
8 KABORE T. Prosper Deputy Head of organization proskabor@gmail.com 70 59 20 99  
9 ZOETYANDE W. Saturnin Head of scientific committee zwsaturnin@gmail.com Tél. 70 777 714