Rosetti has over 20 years experience in agricultural policy development and research, poverty and policy analysis, monitoring and evaluation, public financial management systems and social protection…Read more

Balsama is a Statistician Economist by training, He managed a Malagasy consulting firm for several years specialized in the field of evaluation. He have conducted several evaluation missions in many areas of the development both at the national level in Madagascar and at the international level. Read More

Urbain B. TSALA has an economist background; he holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar (UCAD). Read more

Fatima RABBOUZ is a communication consultant who holds a degree in specialised communication,a trainer in mediation with accreditation from ADR Centre de Rome.She is a politician and has interest in evaluation. Read more

He is the  Exercutive Secretary APEM an association to Promote Evaluation in Mali. He assisted the President in the implementation of the action plan. He ensures the daily management of the association’s current affairs. He ensures the substitution of the President in case of need. Read More