Amadou Diallo

He is a Board member of the African Evaluation Association. An Executive Secretary of APEM an association to Promote Evaluation in Mali. He assisted the President in the implementation of the action plan. He ensures the daily management of the association’s current affairs. He ensures the substitution of the President in case of need. In preparation of an activity report of the Executive Board which reviews the implementation of the action plan and the work program.

Mr. DIALLO is the Mission Director at the Office of Auditor General of Mali. He Coordinated and supervised evaluation projects, he ensured recruitment of consultants, supervision of team members of the steering committees, and identified training needs of the evaluation teams. He also planned and monitored the evaluation training activities. He is the Research Assistant at the Center for Research and Evaluation Expertise CREXE-Québec. He Programed Evaluation development of reference frameworks and determination of variables and indicators for data collection, entry, and analysis. He also ensured the preparation of evaluation training modules and the production of databases and statistics on risk behaviors of owners and drivers of heavy vehicles operating in the province of Quebec.