Made in Africa Evaluation

The concept seeks to identify and develop a uniquely African approach to evaluation. It emphasizes that context, culture, history and beliefs shape the nature of evaluations, specifically in the diverse, often-complex African reality.

AfrEA’s objective is to promote and adapt to an African evaluation framework – an approach initiated from inside the continent, and overwhelming supported from outside Africa. The Made in Africa concept will continuously enjoy prominence in the next two years, leading towards the 8th AfrEA Conference. We are working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to promote the initiative and institutionalize processes in AfrEA

Presidents Quote

African Evaluation Association (AfrEA) is a non-profit umbrella organisation of national monitoring and evaluation associations and networks operating in Africa, as well as a leading source of quality evaluation methodologies essential for individual evaluators in countries where bodies do not exist.

Despite the existence of a few national evaluation networks in Africa, evaluation capacity-building efforts were mostly driven by international development organisations. African evaluators operated in an isolated context, often unable to mobilise necessary resources and capacities crucial to facilitate effective up-scaling of evaluation practices within countries.

AfrEA: Empowering African Evaluators…Empowering Africa